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Publications internationales

Année 2017

Zatra, Y., Aknoun-Sail, N., Kheddache, A., Benmouloud, A., Charallah, S., Moudilou,
E.N., Exbrayat, J-M., Khammar, F., Amirat, Z., Seasonal changes in plasma testosterone and cortisol suggest an androgen mediated regulation of the pituitary adrenal axis in the Tarabul’s gerbil Gerbillus tarabuli (Thomas, 1902), General and Comparative Endocrinology (2017), doi :

Boukenaoui-Ferrouk N, Moudilou E, Amirat Z, Exbrayat J.M, Khammar F.
Morphometric Study and Immunolocalization of Androgen Receptors in Epididymis During Postnatal Development in D’Man Lamb Reared Under Arid Environment in Algeria. Kafkas Univ Vet Fak Derg, 2017 (Article in Press).
DOI : 10.9775/kvfd.2016.17255

Kheddache A, Moudilou E, Zatra Y, Aknoun-Sail N, Amirat Z, Exbrayat J.M, Khammar, F. Seasonal morphophysiological variations in the prostatic complex of theTarabul’s gerbil (Gerbillus tarabuli).Tissue and Cell

Aknoun-Sail N., Zatra Y., Kheddache A.,Moudilou E., Khammar F., Exbrayat J.M.,
Amirat Z. 2017. Pituitary adrenal axis activity in the male Libyan jird, Meriones libycus : Seasonal effects and androgen mediated regulation. Folia Biologica (Kraków) 65 : 95-105.

Mustapha M. Bouhenna, Barbora Orlikova, Oualid Talhi, Ben Schram, Diana C.G.A. Pinto, Nadia Taibi, Khaldoun Bachari, Marc Diederich, Artur M.S. Silva And Nabil Mameri : Anti-proliferative, Cytotoxic and NF-ĸB Inhibitory Properties of Spiro(Lactone-Cyclohexanone) Compounds in Human Leukemia. ANTICANCER RESEARCH 37 : 5225-5233 (2017), doi:10.21873/anticanres.11946

Année 2016

Lamia Hamdan Ramdani, Oualid Talhi, Nadia Taibi, Laetitia Delort, Caroline Decombat, Artur Silva5, Khaldoun Bachari, Marie-Paule Vasson, And Florence Caldefie-Chezet : Effects of Spiro-bisheterocycles on Proliferation and Apoptosis in Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines. ANTICANCER RESEARCH 36 : 6399-6408 (2016) doi:10.21873/anticanres.11237

Malek M, Amirat Z, Khammar F et Khaldoun M. 2016 . Analysis of energetic Metabolism in cyclic Bedouin goats (Capra hircus) :nycthemeral and seasonal variations of some hematochemical parameters in relation with body and ambient temperatures. Journal of Thermal Biology,doi :

Chergui N, Mormede P, Foury A, Khammar F and Z.Amirat A. 2016. Seasonal effects on plasma cortisol concentrations in the Bedouin Buck:circadian studies and responses to ACTH. Animal, 2016, 1-7, doi : 10.1017/S17S1731116001671

Kheddache A, Moudilou E, Zatra Y, Aknoun N, Amirat Z, Exbrayat JM and Khammar F.2016. Seasonal morphophysiological variations in the prostatic complex of Saharan gerbil (Gerbillus tarabuli).

Taibi N, Bouguermouh Z, Dupont J, Froment P, Ramé C, Anane A, Amirat Z, Khammar F.2016 - Expression of Adenosine 5’-Monophosphate–Activated Protein Kinase and its Phosphorylated form in ovine (Ovis aries) testis by quantitative changes in food intake : the involvement of AMPK in steroidogenesis.

Boukenaoui N, Moudilou E, Amirat Z, Exbrayat J.M et Khammar F. 2016. Histo-morphometric and immunolocalization of androgen and estrogen receptors of epididymis in lamb D’Man during postnatal development.

Année 2015

Taïbi N., Nouria Boukenaoui N., Kahal A., Amirat Z., Khammar F., 2015. Effect of Barley Supplementation on Both Pubertal Age and Metabolic Profile of D’man Lambs Living in a Hostile Environment. J. Agr. Environ. Sci., 4(1), 60-69. ISSN : 2334-2404. doi:10.15640/jaes.v4n1a8. URL :

Année 2014

Benmouloud A., Amirat Z., Khammar F.,Patchev A.V., Exbrayat, J.M. Almeida, O.F.X., 2014. Androgen receptor mediated regulation of adrenocortical activity in the sand rat Psammomys obesus. J. Comp. Physiol. B. DOI 10.1007/s00360-014-0859-3.

Radia Boufermes, Nicolas Richard, Karen Le Moguen, Zaina Amirat, Farida Khammar and Marie Laure Kottler (2014)- Seasonal expression of pituitary gonadotropins LHβ, FSHβ, hypothalamic Kiss-1 correlated to plasma testosterone in the adult male desert rodent, the Libyan jird Meriones libycus. Animal Reproduction Science. 147, 56-63.

Kassouri S., Boukenaoui N., Charallah S. Amirat Z et Khammar F. 2014- Localisation of androgen receptors in the ovary of bedouin goat (Capra hircus) in non breeding season. Eds in “Biotechnology and Conservation of Species from Arid Region” by Sardar A.Farouk, Raied Abed and Senan Baqir. Nova science publishers. Inc, 2, p43-p46.

Menad R., Smai S., Moudilou E., Khammar F., Exbrayat J.-M., Gernigon-Spychalowivz T., 2014. Immunolocalization of estrogen and androgen receptors in the caput epididymidis of the fat sand rat (Psammomys obesus) : Effects of seasonal variations, castration and efferent duct ligation. Acta Histochem. 116 : 559-569.

Année 2013

Naima Kaci-Ouchfoun, Djamila Izemrane, Abdelkrim Boudrissa, Thérèse Gernigon, Farida Khammar and Jean-Marie Exbrayat-Transgelin:an androgen-dependent protein identified in the seminal vesicles of three Saharan rodents- Theriogenology, 80, 748-757 (2013)">

Année 2012

Boukenaoui N., Moudilou E., Chevalier C., Amirat Z., Exbrayat J.M., KhammarPostnatal changes in testicular development and androgen receptors immunolocalizationMan ram lambs. Folia Histochem Cytobiol45. ", http://lib.bioinfo.[pl/pmid/journal/foliahistochemcytobiol].

Année 2011

Mataoui-Mazari H., Amirat Z., Khammar F., MartinezIdentification, cloning and regulation of cDNA encoding aldo-keto reductase 7 in the adrenal gland of two saharan rodents Meriones libycus (Libyan jird) and Gerbillus gerbillus (gerbil). General and Comparative Endocrinology300.

Année 2010

S Charallah1, Z Amirat1, J Sulon2, F Khammar1 and JF Beckers2, 2010 - Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein and Progesterone Concentrations during Pregnancy Failure in Bedouin Goat from the Southwest of Algeria. Reprod Dom Anim, 45, issue 6, 231-238.

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